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Reports from those that know - the local guides.

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Recreational size minimums, bag limits, and closed seasons

Record Catches State and World Records for Key West's many fish.

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"Night Tarpon Fishing Trips"

Tarpon caught while fishing at night
Both angler and Tarpon are migrating into Key West to do battle. Night Tarpon fishing trips can be quite the exciting charter.
Capt. Phil in Florida Sportsman magazine with tarpon
Available for night tarpon fishing is our favorite (and one of Key West most experienced guides): Capt. Phil. Above, Capt. Phil, holding tarpon, in one of his numerous appearances in Florida Sportsman magazine.

If you want to increase your chances at jumping tarpon (local-speak for hooking up with the fish), then sign up for a Key West night tarpon fishing trip.

Tarpon are one of the world's great sportfish. Ranging in weight up to 200 pounds, this leaping fighter will challenge any angler.

Known properly as Megalops Atlanticus or informally as the "Silver King", the tarpon is one of the longest living fish in the ocean. Once 150 pounds, the tarpon is likely to be over 50 years old.

During this long lifespan tarpon become wise to the ways of anglers, becoming even more of a challenge.

Another asset the tarpon has is incredible vision. Tarpon have one of the largest eyes of any fish (hence the name Megalops), which keeps them from being easily fooled during daylight. So powerful is their vision, tarpon are more apt to feed at night!

And this is when the angler can gain an advantage.

Night tarpon fishing trips are highly recommended if you love fishing. Plus, with a short boat ride to the fishing spots you will spend more time fishing (less time traveling) and likely more time jumping tarpon.

Night tarpon fishing trips are available during tarpon season, when the tarpon have migrated in - during the spring and half of summer.

Night Tarpon Fishing Charters Prices:

  • SPECIAL: $299 - 3 hours (2 person maximum)
    Fishing guide with tarpon and angler in Key West

For availability, please e-mail us or call 305-304-0337.


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by Vic Dunaway

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Keys Fishing Fact
The Florida Keys are located in the most biologically diverse area of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean sandwiching the islands, while the warm Gulf Stream current meanders close by, the ocean surrounding the Keys contains more species of fish than anywhere else in the Atlantic.

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